Minus one ensemble (Written by Siamak Gholizadeh)


As someone who didn’t really relate to the Minus-1 band vocals, I wasn’t a fan of their albums. I just went to their concerts to stay informed. Still, I had many problems with the performance, including the fact that the rock guitarist was sitting on a chair, and the fact that the vocalist used all the pauses to talk to the audience, and I didn’t like that much talking. I preferred some singing. But when another two pieces were performed after that, it made the difference. I realised that everything is calculated and performed well. All the instruments sounded as they should, well-crafted and well-balanced. Something which is rare in the rock performances in Iran. Ramin Mazaheri was the sound engineer of this concert. I only knew one album which was mixed and mastered by him, called "Baadzang”, and I appreciated him for that work. But in this concert, I realised that he is a great asset in the field of live recording too.