About Me

Ramin began playing piano at a young age. When he was 10 he learned how to play guitar on his own. At 16 for further training, he attended Bahman Nasri’s, professor at Shahid Beheshti University and a member of IRIB, private sessions.

His career as an engineer has started with accepting orders at his domestic studio in 2001, which he developed gradually. It was after he has met Raymond Movsessian, Professional audio engineer, who guided Ramin on professional levels, that he managed to establish Baran Studio in 2005. He accepted his first orders for TV Advertisements and Children and Adolescents programs.

In 2005, he was more productive in recording successful music Albums, At the same year he accepted to work with Raymond Movsessian, as an engineer assistance, at Mohammad Reza Shajarian Concert; He also recorded Naghsh e Khial, an Album by Ali Ghamsarai with Homayoon Shajarian as a vocalist; At the same time, he was cooperating with some musicians like Mehdi Moghadam, Nariman, Amir yal Arjomand, Mani Rahnama and, etc.

He, alongside Raymond Movsessian, has been cooperating as an engineer with Ava Band in 2006, for holding Mohammad Reza Shajarian' s concert. This cooperation led him to be accepted in other projects such as Parviz Meshkatian and Aref Band' s concert, The Kamkars concert, Iran' s Music House celebrations, Mohammad Reza Shajarian's s concert in Isfahan, and, etc. He has mixed and mastered Aah Baran with Mohammad Reza Shajarian as a vocalist, at Baran studio in 2007. He has met Mazyar Fallahi around those years, and they produced about 40 pieces together, which most of them were soundtracks for movies, he also arranged and produced three pieces for Mazyar in between this project. He recorded for the first official concert of Rastaak Music Band, at Tehran' s Milad Tower, in 2009. He also Recorded and Mixed Mokhtarnameh (TV series) with Amir Tavassoli as a composer.

Baran Studio has been transferred to a bigger place in 2010. Around this time Ramin has cooperated with Mehran Modiri at Shookhi Kardam Series. He recorded an Album, alongside Mehdi Paknejad (Setar Player), and Farhad Asadi (Tombak player), in 2011, which has been released, without any edit or mix, so they decided to call it "Senavazi" ("Trio"). A short time after that they performed the same pieces on Roudaki Hall. It was the first time that a sound engineer attended on the stage alongside the instrumentalists and microphones placement and soundcheck in front of the live studio audience.

He has been tested as an engineer for Tehran Symphonic Orchestra and has been confirmed by Ali (Alexander) Rahbari, Its conductor, and Naxos company, their sponsor. He recorded, mixed and mastered in five collections, for Tehran symphonic orchestra for the first time in the history of Iran's music.

He has worked in his career with many well-known artists and musicians such as Mohammad Reza Shajarian, Kayhan Kalhor, Mehdi Bagheri, Salar Aghili, Keyvan Kianian, Homayoon Shajarian, Kaveh Sarvarian, Hamzeh Yeganeh, Ali Shokat, Rastaak music band, Minus 1, Ajam band, Mehdi Moghadam, Mazyar Fallahi, Amir Tavassoli, Farzin Gharahgozloo, Mohammad Reza Jadidi, Mohammad Esfahani, Alireza Assar, Payam Shams, Behrouz Saffarian and, etc.

Reza Abedyan, kamancheh player, in his interview with Melody Magazine, has said: "I felt so much happiness when I heard that for the first time a sound engineer attended on the stage alongside instrumentalists. Because it seems to me that this career always has been ignored by people"


Intel Pentium-D 3.4 Dual Core Prossessor
MacBook Pro Corei7 2.7 - 15 inch
Macbook Pro Core2Duo 2.6 - 13 inch
SSL Nucleus Controller Surface
Antelope Audio Orion 32 HD AD/DA Converter
MOTU HD-192/24 Channel AD-DA Converter
MOTU Midi express 8 CH
M-Audio Midisport 4x4 USB MIDI Interface
Mackie Universal Controler Surface-MCU
Ray's Pro Audio - Studio Command System
Ray's Pro Audio Master Clock

SSL 4000 G BUS Compressor - Balance
SSL 4000 G BUS Compressor - UnBalance
Warm Audio WA76
Warm Audio EQP-WA X2
T.C. electronic M300 Dual Engine Reverb/Multi Effector
Behringer ADA-8000 Preamp
Headphone Amp - hand maded
Apogee Mini MP Preamp
SSL Nucleus 2CH Preamp
dbX 386 Dual Vacuum Tube Preamp
Ray's Pro Audio 4CH X73 Preamp
Ray's Pro Audio 4CH X84 Preamp
Channel Preamp 2CH - 1073 hand maded

Monitor Speakers & Headphones
(Genelec 8030A Active Monitor (X2
(Genelec 7050B Active Sub Woofer Monitor (X1
(Yamaha NS-10M (X2
(Beyer Dynamic DT-770 Pro Monitor Headphone (X4
(AKG K-66 Monitor Headphone (X1
(AKG K-55 Monitor Headphone (X1
(AKG K-44 Monitor Headphone (X2

Recording & Playback
Tascam 202 mkIII
Pioneer double cassete deck XR-P150
DAT Sony 57es
Amp Sony 1140 Solid State
Zoom H6 Handy Recorder

(Microphones (Sorted By Name
(AKG C414-XLS Condenser Microphone (X3
(AKG C414-XLII Condenser Microphone (X1
(AKG C414B-ULS Condenser Microphone (X3
(AKG D12 Dynamic Microphone (X1
(AKG D112 Dynamic Microphone (X1
(AKG Perception 200 Condenser Microphone (X2
(Behringer C2 Condenser Microphone (X6
(Neumann U87 Condenser Microphone (X1
(Neumann KM184 Condenser Microphone (X2
(Pioneer Guitar Pickup Microphone (X1
(Rode NT5 Condenser Microphone (X2
(Sennheiser MD-421 (X4
(Shure SM-57 Dynamic Microphone (X4
(Shure SM-81 Condenser Microphone (X1

Instruments / Sorted By Name
Aria 9230 Accoustic Guitar
Egmound Electro/ Accoustic Guitar
Gibson SG 70's
Martin D-18 Accoustic Guitar
Tahasebi Accoustic Nylon String Guitar
Yamaha 12 String Accoustic Guitar

1- Yamaha Guitar Amp
2- Line 6 Guitar Port
Zoom G9.2tt

Synthesizers & MIDI
M-Audio key88 Midi Keyboard
Kurzweil ME1 Mini Sound Module

Steinberg Cubase 10
Steinberg Cubase 9.5
Steinberg Cubase 7.5
  Steinberg Wavelab 9.5
(Softtube (Tape, Saturator
 (Waves Plugins (CLA, R Series
SSL Duende
(Fabfilter (Pro Q2
(Audio Ease (Altiverb 7
  (HOFA (CD& DDP Plugins
Sony Sound Forge 9.0 Wave Editor
Sony Vegas 7.0
Zoom M-S Encode/Decode
iZotop Vinyl
Relab LX480 Reverb